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12 Feb 2014
Life always have too much experience, whether you choose the road to walk, will have to rub shoulders. Whether the scenery counterparts, or brief encounter, these people, one day they will leave you reenex.

Parting, for in the world of mortals are inevitable. Edge of the deep reason is shallow, time length, the encounter between people, only between.

Karma transference, plays are unpredictable. This world is not who can really accompany you come to the end of the life, only the green mountains and rivers unchangeable.

Everyone is to cross the river stones, are we to light lamps. It is a cloud, parting is the cloud. Will not affect the beauty of the sky, everything, when considered all the elephant. Walk in the red cross field trip, with whom is not important. Importantly, find the path, the clear vision for yourself then, clear water and earth, day heights far, not as leisurely reenex hongkong.

Life changing dream, a rub shoulders, a turn, then non therein. The past, without looking back, without perseverance, you at ease, ease going. View all indifferent world, sitting watching clouds thousands, like the breeze like clouds like clean, clear, accompanied by the breeze, comfortable life, I am still my old self.

Between the person and person's fate, although the fate, but many arrangements of life by accident. We do not need to some unexpected to cling to the temptress moon. Bloom is love, flower is not; it is origin, to that end. Universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, red dust rolling, every day there will be a rub shoulders, every day there will be a reunion, without clinging to due to reasons. Even after the Millennium wait only for a hasty glance, should have no regrets. With the fleeting time live through the rub shoulders, over the years, not greed, not obsession. Because, any obsession is concerned, any greed is bound, but all down, can comfortable leisure.

Those gone past not to look back, not to forget. They do simple presence, as is the necessary land streams. Don't care who had come, who had gone. Wipe the shoulder is only a moment, but stay is not life. The ups and downs, the slim, know that dreams have already turned into fall red countless, therefore, we need to pick up yesterday's nothing.

The world is like a journey, we are a pedestrian, also are passing. In the beginning of life trek all the way, all the dust, pack carry are fleeting once. The return journey, what on earth where, people can't explain. So, we should hold such as clean water like mentality, leisurely in the fireworks in the world, whether in noisy downtown or silent mountain, still subdued. With natural, with a meditative mind comprehend those turned forget scenery.

Buddha said "all promising method, such as a pipe dream, like dew and electricity, should be the same." Life is but a dream., world all are skimming over the surface. Boating on the lake, when passers-by dust storms, as long as not being bound, the emotion and the fame of the rope at any time, we can break the water, wind, let cloud swept, star remnant dream. To every rub shoulders life as perfect conjugal bliss, immersion in the Buddha tea mountains and rivers, have gone floating smoke into the cup to pure. Like the clear, waiting for the other side of the most beautiful lotus open reenex好唔好.

Now the world popular with such a sentence "next life, love and doesn't love, do not meet." "Heart Sutra" and said "the method of air phase, Neither dying nor being born., not dirt net, no more and no less." The world of love, floating. However once meet with what imprint is engraved on my heart. or with vigour and vitality, to end all over but a shoulder rub passers-by. Have no cares, clear pure. Don't they love the past, don't forget the mountains and rivers, more do not insist on handle dependencies. You free, with clear. Those who pass by in the Red Road, perhaps one day will eventually meet, at that time, only with a good heart to treat each other as usual. Live through the rub shoulders, over the years.


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