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08 Nov 2013

Light wind and drizzling rain, awakens the tender dreamland. The quiet morning, faint thoughts in the gently flowing. Deep autumn chill depth, the cool autumn days, played the life is finally a melody, a time stream, in the wind, heavy. With the autumn, along the way at the end of your.

Out of the window, sunshine is dazzling, the blue sky against the background of more and more bright. A cloud, reincarnation, through the seasons airing, the dust of memory. Bubble a pot of tea, let the clear feeling faint diffuse, transpiration, all of the six chapters of a floating life. Listening to a light tone, meditation time, in my heart, repairing the fence. The morning light self shading, cloud shadow Shu, Ren shujuan. And also, the static shadow green toad. Can be heard, a soft string. And such as v., mildly you cotton. Bush like volume, such a scene, rhyme like yan.

The flamboyant, look look, that is a road of joy. Afternoon the Anyang, stepping on the leaves gently footsteps, listen do not know from where the wind and the sound such as carotenoids, light a reverie, because Liu Yun rubbed into the wind, invisible king. Plants slender, the structure of the leaf has gradually clear, sunshine thin has caused, breath slightly overflow autumn fragrance.

Quiet autumn, with the texture of life. Listen to the voices, bloom in autumn feelings, sunny day blue sky, feel a kind of clean and Ning Dan, Xian Shi and graceful. A wisp of autumn wind blown clear dream, autumn lightly sprinkled on the window sill.

The night to the moon light, light fragrance with the wind. A wisp of her heart, the orchid. Call of silence, and with all the bombs fell on the mountains outside. Approached you, into the dream of the night. In the dream, a pure lotus. Shame Yan Xia tired flower rhyme dye, drunk in water plant. When the window light thrush, light sweater not dust. A curtain quiet secluded, thousand wisp. Happy rain, cold night Star cold, back wind Shuying, partial get tipsy books. And the fragrance is foam, Fu, Ning Yun Qing curtain wall. Static on the earth. Do not complain, because Ceng Chengmeng. How the black hair, red yarn fine mirror, light hair strands of leisurely.

Outside the window the wind, memory overlap will gently wrapped heart. A month's gaze, all thoughts are life mantra. Red net, open tender such, at night in outflow, light off the tip of the finger, pull the heartstrings. Ying Acacia, in the moonlight waterfront float, night bhqt. Light, quietly thinking. Blue sky, clouds occasionally slightest garrulous and had quietly, gently Qiaoqiao across the brow of fundus. The night fragrance, send a petal lotus in between the cloud water, full of love and his silence, falling in your dream in the heart empty.

Frost night, moon gentle, quiet autumn heart. Twist a breeze into the heart, pick up a love dream. And I know, you're not far away, like the morning star. Drinking word mood Xiao, cardamom greenstick Shao Huajiao, although simple and pure heart mu, initial unmodified entangles the twilight towards. Ice pool melting away, snow Mo in cold, thin air, light pull eyebrows thoughts.

The thick warm, the light recollection. The wind began to thin, the road gradually to quiet, like a butterfly flying heart, leaves, autumn, silly. Pick up a leaf on the palm of the hand, repeatedly intoned this autumn color, then paint filled with love and joy, let it gone with the wind, the rain, the dew, with dust, with the smoke, with fog, with the season, falling gently in the fall all over the mountains and plains, where you can see the world, warm palm of your kiss her affectionate, croon, as you can see, I'm smiling face.

The quiet early, old moon tonight bright. Miss still, one heart, speechless but deeply. Love in the most deep place, only a person forever. Innumerable twists and turns thousands of turns and twists. Water is the skyline, Acacia as clouds, you, is still my mole eyebrows a little.


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