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28 Oct 2013

Fingertips gently touched the keys, but how also played without a piece of smooth. The July sun spare no effort to shed light, my heart could not feel the warm season......

Once, fragrant garden path, a pool of peony, wantonly bloom quietly. You gently folded under the branches, gave me a smile, bright red flowers, delicate and charming. But, you know, another name of peony, that will leave, "read the bridge red, to know for whom the annual health?" Murphy, everything is decreed by fate?

Looking back, I see the hand through the stone steps have been covered with moss, together through the park has been desolate, without you, how I want to trim? Perhaps in this world, this life, I have become a seamless do you?

Now, you're like a wisp of smoke, through my eyes, I have to cherish, you have the wind and scattered. I stretched out my hand to keep, only a desolate, a sad, a blank......

"Nothing is happier than to contact a new acquaintance, Mo sad sad parting come hygiene", presumably, to meet the human world are sunny delight, the separation is bleak.

You said, I too sad, can not give you the sunshine of life; and you say, I was too headstrong, always dial the disorderly you calm heart; you said, I too love cry, my tears always wet you a clear blue sky.

Don't, I in your heart is really so unbearable? My self-esteem as you tore petals, with a young, a mess.

I silently, away, tears fail to live up to it in the eyes is excessive, flooding....... In the mirror of their own, like the trembling in the wind and rain so pale pear.

Love tree wet flower flying can not afford, dyeing cream ice cores for incense. The dream life, I also can not afford little boat, moist heart was soaked in the bitter, I no longer feel the season fragrant warm. Love to the depths of loneliness, in the future, I can only dimly in the shade under the son, hear laughter, my heart into a lonely city.

That is, a period of love, really with the petals drop and waters flow. The drifting away? Don't, all involved every disappear in smoke it? Don't, your love for me is really in the heavy mist in the escape no trace?

Meet you, is my fate; fall in love with you, is my.

Gentleman is knowable, three thousand hair, just for you some ink into delusion. I think tired in this deep red, in order to change your life a life long, fireworks. I do not want to let this wonderful feelings become destitute and homeless, homeless.

I don't know how can take you from my heart out, you know, from the moment I met you, sorrow will stretch its blue leaves, loneliness can spread quietly in every night. Fall in love with you that moment, my life is not a sunny day.


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