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02 Oct 2013
The meaning of life

Recently seen on the network news frequent incidents of domestic vicious , airport explosion , shopping malls knives to injure the child was throwing, chased and killed people , elderly nursing home to vent their anger and a series of injuries to life arson cases. Think of these live the life of an instant to leave this world , I am stunned speechless , Chinese people are now exactly how it ? Even though , how about disappointments in life , how about the weight of people in gas kick , however , we can not to vent their anger and hurt innocent ah !

In fact, the meaning of life , who live mostly in order to get other people's praise , get more recognition . When you find that you have assumed the role of the level of sharing, you make yourself optimistic , happy, self-confidence up . Do not give up his humble career dreams, disappointments and do not give up on themselves because of work , not because life appears depressed and confused and dim their lives.

Sometimes we feel that life is always walking very tired , very hard ! Always wanted to be able to live on the road with a wide selection of direction, but did not. Each step we take , we need to adjust the pace to catch up with the forefront. Whenever we 're tired , take a rest in the effort , could not help but look back at the life of the road which strings of his footprints , with others, a ratio, it is perhaps too Xinchan curved , shallow people get sad, perhaps the confusion, perhaps disconsolate ......

Therefore, we must cherish a healthy and lively mood , treat their own lives ! Use their passion to care, to irrigate their lives ! Use strong faith to comfort yourself, even if life on the road difficult, but also a smile to face , calmly walked .

Life is short , impermanence , and no one can guarantee that they can live to see tomorrow , so everyone should learn to cherish life, learn to make full use of the value of life .

Life is fragile , ready to be sudden hurricane devastation and suffering, some people fell , but no longer together . But some people life is strong, because they go through life with indomitable willpower rough road .

Life is sentimental , it felt a lot of ups and downs salty earth experience , or happy , or sad , or bitter, or sweet , or fear, or hurt , in fact, everything for this luxuriant worlds is too small the .

Life is wonderful when an attachment to another life when life , each other, hand in hand, will feel the sky is so dark blue , the earth is so pure , the world is so beautiful , how life is happiness and joy.

Life is Thanksgiving , let us realize that in this world, he had been so lonely and helpless . Know that in this world, there are many people need to be grateful. Especially those with life in exchange for the life of the hero, life will become increasingly valuable.

Life is a long journey , we are happy to learn the line , no matter how remote and difficult journey , will be happy and interesting flavor , because we experience the journey rich in her own life , so that life becomes more stronger.

Life really needed interpretation , every effort needs to take every step , you need heart care , heart care , so that the way of life will be extreme beauty , it is dazzling.

Finally, I want to say is that in this blossoming world, we are the masters of life , only a feeling of life , cherish life , life will be more meaningful , the flower of life in the river of time will never fade !


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