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21 Aug 2013

Feel suddenly emptied himself, it had no meaning!

Don't know why you say this to me, let me very mess, very mess mess, I forgot all, don't remember what the world, what can you, I'm tired, tired, tired, I want to hold the head and cry,

I love you for 3 years, forget a year, feel if again see you, all will go well, we will be good friends, but, again, I think, the two of us, so unfair!!

Youth is always such a tease people, sometimes want to let I can go with you, because I want to help you to shelter from the rain!

You don't Miss Dong, you are not a story of the female classmate, your youth is like a book, sometimes turn too fast, you will lose too much better, but if you turn too slow if let you burst into tears, "Youth" is always full of fantasy, but no "" youth is not injured. Miss those years of heavy rain, sometimes I wonder why I have a special liking for rain, because you often in the rain

This blog is my pen to write the day before yesterday, but it seems the last misunderstanding finally lifted, there will be no further reason and the mood to write, I don't know what to say, in my high school when I first met you when you would like to hold your hand, rove all over the world with you! But with the passage of time, gradually grew up, had looked down upon things look heavier, put heavy things to see some lighter, I want to grow up really is not so! I knew we could not, in the world there is no fairy tale! It was a year ago, I said to myself to forget! Forget all, find a new beginning, we have a year not in contact! But really can forget it, I asked myself, your birthday, your hobbies, your life


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