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24 Oct 2012

Most of the time, young heart is a campus song by. " Once a song " show time, several fancier is around radios, prepare pen and paper, when the song over and over, the host read the lyrics, you take the first sentence, I second, he took the third sentence, soon had the lyrics, then follow the radio to learn to sing, society in the dormitory with an air of importance to the party, when a large group of students Caixia man, to the Weihe dam to go for a walk, have a pleasant talk together on the chorus, making two reeds pheasant, mallard -- -

I like English, philosophy, language can eat with appetite, the teacher likes to ask questions, I often answer. And I on the stem is called a green maple girls. In our class say you say me, become the one big hotspot culture class. Friends laugh that I met you, say we're couple, I am busy arguing diamond cut diamond. Said himself blush.

I like writing, the teacher found much praise, also I rewrite an " Lu Xun in Sendai ", when the story read comments. The green maple students have questioned, Lu Xun was in Sendai when very young, which comes Lizi must? Ask teachers hesitating in speaking, also destroyed my good mood. Nevertheless, Qingfeng or by reading my writing this, I was be overwhelmed by an unexpected favour, an indescribable ferment and unrest, in the depths of the soul -- - spread

Also do not know from what time, she in the classroom before the class when Lianzhu punch line, a delicate voice, and between morning reading focus look, as well as the playground playing badminton is lightsome posture, is my love to appreciate the wonderful pictures. Regarding our these subtle changes, she seems to know something, but he gave no sign, we just across the river. " And this kind, watching the river flowing between day and night.

During the summer vacation, worked in construction site and then did a month coolie, suffered large workers all around, still not complete wages. I can't imagine later reduced to the point where, back to school, a little dream. Therefore, cherish this too much campus learning opportunities. However, our preaching is aimed at training the construction talent level, is actually playing the vocational education guise, project contracting, management flower nursery ' economy, teaching did not seriously. Positive class students will be asked to nursery tree digging loading, or to practice in the name of pull to the site, with rations compulsory labor, therefore, I often dream, dream always be foggy woods, look right and left can not find a way out -- --


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