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02 Mar 2016
 Practice makes perfect. It means that after plenty of practice, we will be perfect  in what we do. Practice is the only way to achieve perfect.

  For example, when we learn grammar, words, expressions and so on, the most important thing may be how to put what we’ve learned into practice. If we only learn the grammatical rules by heart and don’t do enough exercises, it is certain that we can’t understand them perfectly. But if we practice a lot, maybe we will understand them more deeply and we can find some good methods of applying them. Memorize the English words whenever time permits, and we can easily memorize them and even can find a way to memorize them more quickly.

  There is another good example for it. A famous...

12 Feb 2014
Life always have too much experience, whether you choose the road to walk, will have to rub shoulders. Whether the scenery counterparts, or brief encounter, these people, one day they will leave you reenex.

Parting, for in the world of mortals are inevitable. Edge of the deep reason is shallow, time length, the encounter between people, only between.

Karma transference, plays are unpredictable. This world is not who can really accompany you come to the end of the life, only the green mountains and rivers unchangeable.

Everyone is to cross the river stones, are we to light lamps. It is a cloud, parting is the cloud. Will not affect the beauty of the sky, everything, when considered all the elephant. Walk in the red cross field trip, with...

08 Nov 2013

Light wind and drizzling rain, awakens the tender dreamland. The quiet morning, faint thoughts in the gently flowing. Deep autumn chill depth, the cool autumn days, played the life is finally a melody, a time stream, in the wind, heavy. With the autumn, along the way at the end of your.

Out of the window, sunshine is dazzling, the blue sky against the background of more and more bright. A cloud, reincarnation, through the seasons airing, the dust of memory. Bubble a pot of tea, let the clear feeling faint diffuse, transpiration, all of the six chapters of a floating life. Listening to a light tone, meditation time, in my heart, repairing the fence. The morning light self shading, cloud shadow Shu, Ren shujuan. And also, the static shadow...

28 Oct 2013

Fingertips gently touched the keys, but how also played without a piece of smooth. The July sun spare no effort to shed light, my heart could not feel the warm season......

Once, fragrant garden path, a pool of peony, wantonly bloom quietly. You gently folded under the branches, gave me a smile, bright red flowers, delicate and charming. But, you know, another name of peony, that will leave, "read the bridge red, to know for whom the annual health?" Murphy, everything is decreed by fate?

Looking back, I see the hand through the stone steps have been covered with moss, together through the park has been desolate, without you, how I want to trim? Perhaps in this world, this life, I have become a seamless do you?

Now, you're like a wisp of...

02 Oct 2013
The meaning of life

Recently seen on the network news frequent incidents of domestic vicious , airport explosion , shopping malls knives to injure the child was throwing, chased and killed people , elderly nursing home to vent their anger and a series of injuries to life arson cases. Think of these live the life of an instant to leave this world , I am stunned speechless , Chinese people are now exactly how it ? Even though , how about disappointments in life , how about the weight of people in gas kick , however , we can not to vent their anger and hurt innocent ah !

In fact, the meaning of life , who live mostly in order to get other people's praise , get more recognition . When you find that you have assumed the role of the level of...

21 Aug 2013

Feel suddenly emptied himself, it had no meaning!

Don't know why you say this to me, let me very mess, very mess mess, I forgot all, don't remember what the world, what can you, I'm tired, tired, tired, I want to hold the head and cry,

I love you for 3 years, forget a year, feel if again see you, all will go well, we will be good friends, but, again, I think, the two of us, so unfair!!

Youth is always such a tease people, sometimes want to let I can go with you, because I want to help you to shelter from the rain!

You don't Miss Dong, you are not a story of the female classmate, your youth is like a book, sometimes turn too fast, you will lose too much better, but if you turn too slow if let you burst into tears, "Youth" is always full of...

21 Aug 2013

You write and tell me: "think of when to hold your little hands happily walk in the afternoon the avenue, midway but woke up"......

The rain of heaven silently down, rain, rain fell on the ground, how long miss. I took the thin paper stood at the window, through the still powerful handwriting. I saw you with weather beaten turbid eyes, rough hand life unchanged in the pocket...... Thinking of you wandering alone in the empty room; the thought that tall familiar figure stood up, bowed to the house; think of you with calloused hand write the missing letter in, my eyes can not help but some moist......

For seventeen years you have been there for me, not moving, connected with my heart! My joy, my pain, you and I together! Have you in the...

22 Nov 2012
 糟糕的生活,每天都有規律得活著,讓原本的計畫被打的亂七八糟Craft Storage System


曾幾何時,我喜歡獨自一人靜靜地呆著,默默地守著屬於我的城堡。在工作位置上拼命的工作,水也不喝,飯也不吃,就連上洗手間都懶的動了。我想這個時候也只有我孤寂地呆著吧samsung mobile accessories

24 Oct 2012

Most of the time, young heart is a campus song by. " Once a song " show time, several fancier is around radios, prepare pen and paper, when the song over and over, the host read the lyrics, you take the first sentence, I second, he took the third sentence, soon had the lyrics, then follow the radio to learn to sing, society in the dormitory with an air of importance to the party, when a large group of students Caixia man, to the Weihe dam to go for a walk, have a pleasant talk together on the chorus, making two reeds pheasant, mallard -- -

I like English, philosophy, language can eat with appetite, the teacher likes to ask questions, I often answer. And I on the stem is called a green maple girls. In our class say you say me, become the...